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Fuck Yeah! 
04:33pm 22/02/2005
mood: ?
That nigga is SMOOTH!!
He's cool.
He's supafly TNT

the most beautiful asian/peruvian at portola middle school 
05:36pm 18/02/2005
mood: chipper
i love michael because he is prettier than me, wears more eyeliner than me, and looks better in my skirts than i do.
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07:07pm 01/02/2005
  yo yo yo i luv him because he is cool  
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05:20pm 30/01/2005
mood: still full of shit
I love michael long
he is too cool
when i knew him, he was awesome
i cant say much about now,
im still stuck in the past

Michael, YOU ROCK!
I like vests too
Michael YOU ROCK
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05:09pm 30/01/2005
  i love michael because he smells not bad and plays a mean bass and a friend of mine saw a pic of him on my lj and asked me who the black girl was. its funny cus michael is really an asian/peruvian guy.

-moriel, the kid who told sean to start this thing
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New Wave Kid 
11:38pm 29/01/2005
mood: amused
i love michael because he is New Wave and wears eyeliner and is Michael!

-joseph kang aka sean solomon (the guy who started this stupid thing
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